Google Ads Management

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Google Ads Management

A1 offers Google Ads Management Perth Businesses Need To Get Found on Google Ads.

Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) is the best way for a services business to show up on the top of Google when potential clients are using Google to search for your service.

The whole world uses search engines to find what they need and the companies who have ads running will usually get the majority of website traffic, email enquiries and phone calls from potential new customers.

Be Seen When Leads Are Looking

Google Ads let you get in front of the right people, at the right time. When someone is searching on Google with buyers intent, it pays to be at the top.

Your Ads in Their Pockets

When someone pulls out their phone and does a search on Google for your service, whoever shows up first in the results usually gets the first call.

Start Getting Clicks Right Away

Getting clicks means getting sales. If you want fast (instant) clicks and visits to your website, Google Ads is the perfect advertising platform to be part of.

While you can choose to run your own ads on Google and do the ad management yourself, do you really know how to get the most out of your ad budget? And how much time does it take you to get things going without breaking the bank?

Optimising Google Ads is a speciality that requires years of training and experience to get right, most of the time.

You need to understand how to analyse the data, like CTR, CPM, CPC and more, so you can make informed decisions on what keywords to bid for, how high or low your bids should be and what sort of campaign works best for your service business.


Google Ads lets you as a small business get found at the top, right next to the bigger businesses in your industry. It allows you to start getting relevant visitors to your website immediately, and you can easily test certain things like keywords, your offer and how well your targeted audience responds to your  headlines for example.

It works a lot faster than SEO, but obviously you have to pay to play. 

Another benefit of Google Ads is the ability to just run brand awareness campaigns – so your company name will be at the top of people’s mind and they’ll recall your company next time they are looking for your service. 

Go to Google right now, and search for your service + location (e.g emergency plumber Perth, 24 hour dentist, electrician near me) and write down every competitor who shows up in the Google Ads section at the top or bottom of the page.

If they’re on there and you’re not – they will get that potential click or call and gain another sale.

Advertising is just part of business. You need to have a marketing an advertising budget available so you can stay in the race and win new clients. 

How Much Does Google Ads Management Cost?

No secrets here. We won’t ask you how big your budget is and charge you a much as we can. All our pricing is transparent and going market rates.

Google Ads Audit


If you have an existing Google Ads campaign and you're not sure if it's performing well, one of our certified Google Ads managers can take a look and report back to you.

* FYI, We’ll probably pitch our Google Ads services to you, after we’ve delivered our full audit report 😜 

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A1 Google Ads Management

$ 749 month*

Our Google Ads Management package has all your Google Advertising needs covered, and more.

No Setup Fees. No Lock-In Contracts!

✔️ Setups:

  • → Google Ads Account setup
  • → Google Analytics setup
  • → Google Tag Manager setup
  • → Google My Business setup

✔️ Campaigns:

  • 1x Local Search Campaign
  • 1x Brand Campaign
  • 1x Google Search Campaign
  • 1x Display Campaign
  • 1x Remarketing Campaign

  • + Call Tracking
  • + Weekly Campaign Reports
  • + Monthly Review Call or Meeting

Campaign Quotas:

  • Unlimited Keywords 
  • Unlimited AdGroups

Additional campaigns can be launched if needed for just +$99 p/m per campaign.

*+15% of ad budget per month if you spend over $5,000

*New accounts can get up to $100 in free ad credit.

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$ 499 item

Optional Google Ads Services to boost performance and get even better results.

  • → 1x A/B Test Landing Page Set
  • → 1x Display Asset Bundle (12 sizes)
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A1 100% Moneyback Guarantee*

If we don’t increase clicks and calls to your website in the first 30 days, you get your money back and you keep all the work we’ve done to date.

* 3o days start once your ad campaigns go live on Google.